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Format: LP
Price: 3,000 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/12/15
★ Japan original LP
★ With obi
★ First limited production

A new talent from London following Tom Misch and Cosmo Pyke!

The birth of melancholic soul, which is based on jazzy guitar riffs and has an outstanding pop sense! The debut album of pastel, a young producer who also supports FKJ, has been made into a domestic original CD & LP!

A young producer, multi-player, songwriter, and pastel debut album from French Polynesia, now based in London, are now available on the long-awaited Japanese original CD & LP! Knock out to an outstanding pop sense that casually blends soul, house, hip hop with bossa nova to fusion with a new generation of sensibilities based on jazzy guitar riffs!
Multi-musician: pastel who is self-taught to learn musical instruments and song writing, influenced by the music of the 70's centered on neo-soul and Brazilian jazz. Currently, he also supports FKJ, and participated alongside Blue Lab Beats and Kraak & amp; Smaak in the remix album of Adurine's latest work "Interimes", a French Caribbean diva, and was in charge of the first song at the beginning. The latest single is a hot stock in the current London scene that also remixes the collaboration song "Under The Moon" by Snowk and J.LAMOTTA Suzume!
With the release of this debut album, it was featured in media such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Earmilk, Metropolis, Stereofox, and even picked up one after another on popular playlists such as Spotify's Fresh Finds, Jazz UK, Electro Chill, and Chill Vibes. !!
A superb melancholic neo-soul that blends a relaxed atmosphere from beginning to end, a mellow melancholy guitar solo, a rough nostalgic live sound and a house-R&B-like beat approach with an exquisite balance!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Caninha Love
  • 2. Let You feat. Haoting
  • 3. Parx
  • 4. Bamboo feat. elizatwinkies
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Daylight feat. Ben Kessler
  • 2. Mo'orea
  • 3. Caramel
  • 4. Kimono