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Analogfish『荒野 On the Wild Side』LP


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アナログフィッシュ『荒野 On the Wild Side』LP

Format: LP

The most important album released in 2011 is now available in analog form for the 10th anniversary of its release!

The first album after transferring to felicity, which hints at the band's current image, is full of great songs. The album is full of familiar anthems such as "Kouya" "PHASE" "Hybrid," and "Fine," which have become staples of the band's live performances.

Formed in 1999 (major debut in 2004), they have released 10 albums. Akira Shimooka (G,Vo, born in 1978) is a cool and penetrating guitarist, and Kenta Sasaki (B,Vo, born early in 1979) sings with high emotion. A three-piece alternative rock band where the vividly contrasting styles of the two coexist. The band's tight ensemble, with Shuichiro Saito (Dr./Cho., born in 1978) at the center of the fan, is ironclad, and their light sense of harmony is also appealing.

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. PHASE
  • 2. 荒野
  • 3. ロックンロール
  • 4. No Way
  • 5. 戦争がおきた
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Hybrid
  • 2. チアノーゼ
  • 3. SAVANNA
  • 4. ハミングバード
  • 5. Fine