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Yapoos『Dadada ism』


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Yapoos『Dadada ism』

Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/08/18

★Limited First Edition

Jun Togawa 40th Anniversary
The first analog version of the "Jun Togawa 40th Anniversary" series!

Another masterpiece album that continues to be a bestseller. Released in 1992, when Yapoos was at its peak, this is an album that reminds us of the underlying power of Yapoos/Jun Togawa, who changed hands and products musically.

I want you to listen to "君の代" and wonder if the Showa period has come to an end. I feel once again the great horizon that Jun Togawa has opened up.
(Original recording: Toshiba EMI 1992)


■Track list

  • SIDE-A:
  • 1.君の代
  • 2.ヴィールス
  • 3.12の階段の一番奥
  • 4.急告
  • 5.私は好奇心の強い女
  • SIDE-B:
  • 1.ダダダイズム
  • 3.VIP~ロシアよりYをこめて~
  • 4.コンドルが飛んでくる
  • 5.テーマ