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Yapoos『DialY wo mawase!』


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Yapoos『DialY wo mawase!』

Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/08/18

★Limited First Edition

Jun Togawa 40th Anniversary
The first analog version of the "Jun Togawa 40th Anniversary" series!

The third and most powerful album of the Yapoos in 1991, the strongest album and the greatest masterpiece in the history of Japanese rock music, is now available for the first time on analog LP, as the CD version on P Vine continues to be a bestseller!

This is an everlasting, terrifying album filled with songs, sounds, and lyrics that would make Jim O'Rourke fall in love with it. A true masterpiece, and its addictive nature demands attention! (Original master: Toshiba-EMI 1991)


■Track list

  • SIDE-A:
  • 1.アンチ・アンニュイ
  • 2.Men's JUNAN
  • 3.3つ数えろ
  • 4.供述書によれば
  • 5.夜へ
  • 6.ヒステリア
  • SIDE-B:
  • 1.私の中の他人
  • 2.Fool Girl
  • 3.ミステリアス・ガイ
  • 4.ギルガメッシュ
  • 5.赤い戦車