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JIM SCHMIDT『Somethin’Right』LP


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Format: LP
Price: 4,250 yen + tax
Release date:2021/07/07

★ Completely limited production
★ With obi

The mega rare board RICARDO MARRERO & amp; THE GROUP "A TASTE", which all rare groove collectors have longed for and the original has always been traded at the top rank, will be reissued in 2021 with the latest remastering! Its splendid sound, loved by rare groove-free soul, Latin-bossa, and even funk-soul listeners, is an eternal masterpiece that never fades!

This is the 1st album by keyboard player Ricardo Marello, a composer who was active in the Latin music scene in NY from the 1960s to the 1970s, and it is a famous story that it was released from TSG Records with twists and turns. However, it wasn't just a rare album that was even called "the final destination of rare groove collectors", it was just its high quality sound! Starting with Latin jazz "Tiny" (A1) with an elegant arrangement, "Algo" (A2) where electric piano, flute and horn are violently entwined with wow guitar, bass and percussion, and "Babalonia" (Babalonia) spun by DJs. Groovy Latin funk such as B2), mellow tune "And We'll Make Love" (A3) featuring refreshing female vocals, soul number "Get Yourself Together" (B1) with elegant chorus, and Includes "Vengo" (A4), which lets you hear the Latin sound that should be called the true value, and many famous songs that have been loved by a wide range of listeners! It is a reissue with the latest specifications that was newly remastered in 2021!

■Track list

  • 1.Tiny
  • 2.Algo
  • 3.And We’ll Make Love
  • 4.Vengo
  • 1.Get Yourself Together
  • 2.Babalonia
  • 3. My Friend
  • 4.A Taste of Latin