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Jouska『Everything Is Good』LP

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Youska "Everything Is Good" LP

Format: LP
Price: 3,000 yen + tax
Release date:2021/06/30

★ World's first physicalization
★ First limited production
★ Japan's original LP
★ With obi

The world's first physical debut album by Oslo's male and female pop duo, Yosuka, which connects Grimes to Yumi Zouma! Cute and transparent vocals with a comfortable sound created by mixing various genres such as dream pop, electro pop, experimental, R & amp; B, and bedroom are irresistible! A new sense of Scandinavian pop music is born here!

Norway is an Oslo-based male and female pop duo by Marlit Otillier Sovic and Hans Olav Setem, and Yoska's debut album "Everything Is Good" includes dream pop, electro pop, R & amp; B, and bedrooms. A new piece of the scene that mixes genres and has a high affinity not only for indie scenes but also for music scenes born from R & amp; B and the Internet, where you can enjoy dreamy, deep elements and catchiness at the same time! I don't really want to tell anyone who knows, such as being selected as "Album Of The Week" on the UK music blog , which is constantly checked by indie junkies all over the world. Newcomer!

In the whole picture of the album centered on Marlit's transparent vocals that bring out the scenery of Scandinavia and the dreamy sound that makes you feel as if you are swimming in the sea of ​​sounds, whispering vocals and The title song "Everything Is Good" with a cool aggressive beat that suddenly begins to sound in the second half, and the dream pop "Because I Really Don't Mind" created by catchy vocals reminiscent of Hatchie with beats that pop like bubbles. "Pink", which created an emotional atmosphere with a guest from the same country's rapper, Doglover95, from a song that feels as if it was blown into another world in the sky, should be stabbed by R & amp; B and HIP-HOP fans! The individuality of each song, such as "Born In Cash" and "Lemon Twigs", which mix electro and experimental and resonate with Grimes, shines, making it the most comfortable and highly addictive Scandinavian modern music in 2020!

■Track list

  • 1.Everything Is Good
  • 2.Because I Really Don't Mind
  • 3.Beat Up Your Baby
  • 4.Pink (Feat. Doglover95)
  • 1.Born In Cash
  • 2.Bring You Back
  • 3.doing stuff that I really love to do
  • 4.Lemon Twigs
  • 5.shadow