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TODAY’S LATIN PROJECT『Today's Latin Project』LP


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TODAY’S LATIN PROJECT『Today's Latin Project』LP

Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2021/07/28

★ First-time limited production
★ With obi
★ Supervision and commentary: Shotaro Matsumoto

A fascinating world of Japanese things! From the popular disc guide "Wa Realic Disc Guide" that introduces domestic sound sources that also captivate overseas digger, a rare board that adds the essence of jazz-fusion from the early 80's to Afro-Cuban / Latin standard."Today's Latin Project" (1983 work) is an LP reissue!

Produced by Tadaaki Misago of Tokyo Cuban Boys, who introduced Latin music to the Japanese music scene shortly after the war, and Jun Takemura, who has continued to convey the charm of Latin music since the 1970s, from analog to digital. An important historical work that has endeavored to popularize Latin music from a new perspective in the transitioning 1980s!

The arranger has attracted attention for his activities in the experimental rock band "Mariah" and his solo works, and Yasuaki Shimizu, who has been re-evaluated worldwide in recent years, and Western rock-based styles have had a great influence on the music scene at that time. The gem of electronic Latin sound produced with the quality of not only Japan but also the world standard, such as the participation of Kazuo Otani of SHOGUN who gave it!

Produced by: Tadaaki Misago, Jun Takemura / Arranged by: Kazuo Otani, Michio Uehara, Yasuaki Shimizu

■Track list

  • 1.Jungle Drums
  • 2.Green Eyes (Aquellos Ojos Verdes)
  • 3.Siboney
  • 4.El Cumbanchero
  • 1.Hindu
  • 2.Danza Lucumi
  • 3.Quiereme Mucho
  • 4.Pygmy Land