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Lightnin'Hopkins "Mojo Hand"

Format: LP
List price: 4,000 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/03/31

★ With obi
★ Completely limited production
★ Reverse jacket
★ Weight board (180g)

This jacket! This punch!
Lightnin'Hopkins' "Mojo Hand" (announced in 1962), one of the most famous blues records produced by the famous producer Bobby Robinson in New York in 1960. It is no exaggeration to say that the world's first reprint of P-Vine in 1983 has spread its splendor all over the world (the market transaction price of the original version is now over 200,000 yen!), And this masterpiece is reissued on heavy vinyl !

Similar to the past two LP recurrences, the fist jacket with a great impact is completely reprinted with the reverse sticking specifications as the original board! Not only the boogie of the title song, but also the dark slow blues are excellent! Show the ultimate of dirty lightnin with acoustic guitar against the electric herald board! Inevitably faint in agony at the angry lightnin section that explodes like lightning bolts!


■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1.Mojo Hand
  • 2.Coffee For Mama
  • 3.Awful Dream
  • 4.Black Mare Trot
  • 5.Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  • SIDE B:
  • 1.Glory Be
  • 2.Sometimes She Will
  • 3.Shine On, Moon!
  • 4.Santa


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