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downy 『Seventh Album "Untitled"』LP


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downy 『Seventh Album "Untitled"』

Format: LP
List price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2020/11/18

The live style that synchronizes and fuses music and video is a hot topic. The 7th full-length album with the sound of guitarist Yutaka Aoki facing each other until just before his death is on LP.

Downy, the 20th anniversary of the formation of this year, has made LP of the 7th album "Untitled". SUNNOVA (Samlper / Synth) joined as an official member from this work. This work was released from the independent label rhenium records, which was newly launched by the band itself when it was made into a CD (March 2008). (LP will be released from felicity.)

■ Track list

  • 1. Contrapposto
  • 2. Poor visibility
  • 3. 2°
  • 4. good news
  • 5. Sugar cube
  • 6. Geranium
  • 1. On the sand, burn. Afterimage
  • 2. pianoido
  • 3. Technicolor Clarity
  • 4. adaptation
  • 5. stand alone