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List price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2021/07/07

★ First-time limited production
★ With obi
★ World's first LP reissue

The world's first LP reissue with a sophisticated sound that makes soul, funk, and AOR fans groan and a high-quality funka soul band super rare board!
Stevie Wonder "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", Tower of Power "Ebony Jam", and Earth, Wind & Fire's familiar "Can't Hide Love" are full of killer song covers!
The only work released in 1977 by the black-and-white and mixed 8-member funka soul band "Moon Pie" based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The original version is a collector's item that is famous for its rarity, but it is also highly evaluated for its high quality sound that made soul, funk, and AOR fans groan with its skillful performance and various arrangements! The contents are still the classic covers of the 70's such as Tower of Power (A1), Steely Dan (A4), Commodores (B1), and Creative Source (B4) that reproduces the arrangement of Earth, Wind & Fire as it is. Recorded on the cover! Among them, Stevie Wonder (A3) with the finest arrangement that ascends to the sky at once with the elegant samba tone of the midfield solo part from the slow Bossa is inevitable in agony!

■Track list

  • 1.Ebony Jam
  • 2.Do You Wanna
  • 3.Sunshine Of My Life
  • 4.My Old School
  • 1.Funny Feeling
  • 2.Cold Duck Time
  • 3.I'll Be Good To You
  • 4.Can't Hide Love
  • 5.Nesila Funk