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KENSUKE IDE WITH HIS MOTHERSHIP『Contact From Exne Kedy And The Poltergeists』LP


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KENSUKE IDE WITH HIS MOTHERSHIP『Contact From Exne Kedy And The Poltergeists』

Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2021/06/09

★ Complete first production limited

Everything is mysterious!
Kensuke Ide and his mother ship finally broke the silence, the second album for the first time in 5 years! The long-awaited LP version of You Ishihara's sound-produced problematic work by You Ishihara, who is often called the best of the year! The innovative sound that will surprise all listeners is the madness of Incubus or Taoyuan Township! No, that's exactly the "mystery of 2020" !! That first album was just a notice! The biggest problem in 2020 and a masterpiece!

A change from the first album, which was based on a classical guitar and developed a mysterious psychedelic sound. This work "Contact From Exne Kedy And The Poltergeists" is sound producer Hiroshi Ishihara who worked on Yura Yura Teikoku and OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, and recording engineer Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC). ), And appeared as a glamorous and mysterious rock album with the scent of decadence ...! Kensuke Ide and his mother ship are undergoing a shocking transformation with the concept of a fictional character named "Exne Kedy And The Poltergeists". What exactly is the mysterious Exne Keddy ?! And even the recording participants of this work suddenly found it hard to believe!

A splendid re-recorded version of "Whispering Landlady" co-written with Eddie Marcon and the famous song "Russian Soldiers" from the first album. The representative song "Otemoyan", which was already released as a tribute 12-inch "Otemoyan Isaan" of the movie "Bangkok Nights", is an evil original as if Anakin Skywalker who fell on the dark side suddenly appeared in a club in Berlin. Recorded in version. The sea of ​​fairies, the cave, the mirror, the end of the universe-all nine songs, cheerful and sad contacts from those who are not here, reaching from places other than here.

■Track list

  • 1.イエデン
  • 2.妖精たち
  • 3.ロシアの兵隊さん
  • 4.ポルターガイスト
  • 5.人間になりたい
  • 1.ささやき女将
  • 2.おてもやん
  • 3.蒸発
  • 4.ぼくの灯台