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Grey October Sound『Lo-Fi Anime』CASSETTE


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Grey October Sound『Lo-Fi Anime』CASSETTE


Grey October Sound, a lo-fi hip-hop production team that has made a name for itself in Japan and abroad with the release of "Lo-Fi Ghibli" and "Lo-Fi City Pop," a cover of a popular Ghibli song, has released a new cover of a popular anime song, "Lo-Fi Anime," on cassette! 

The team has gained attention through the release of quality lo-fi hip-hop compilations such as "Timeless" and "The Cave," and The production team Grey October Sound has become well known not only in Japan but also overseas with the release of "Lo-Fi Ghibli" and "Lo-Fi City Pop", both of which cover popular city-pop songs. Their new lo-fi hip-hop covers are of Japan's world-famous anime songs! The album "Lo-Fi Anime" covers songs from "Dragon Ball", "Bleach", "Saint Seiya", "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", "K-ON!" is an album of covers of these theme songs and insert songs, which are very popular even in foreign countries! This album was released on CD, LP, and cassette!


■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. 君の知らない物語
  • 2. 魂のルフラン
  • 3. Don't say lazy
  • 4. 千の夜をこえて
  • 5. ペガサス幻想
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. ムーンライト伝説
  • 2. コネクト
  • 3. 空色デイズ
  • 4. ロマンティックあげるよ
  • 5. ETERNAL WIND~ほほえみは光る風の中~