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Grey October Sound『Lo-Fi City Pop』CASSETTE


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Grey October Sound『Lo-Fi City Pop』

Release date:2023/07/19

Grey October Sound, the production team that gained fame in Japan and abroad with the release of "Lo-Fi Ghibli," a lo-fi hip-hop cover of a Ghibli song, has released a new cover of a classic/popular city pop song, "Lo-Fi City Pop," on a completely limited production cassette!

◆ The team has gained attention for releasing quality lo-fi hip-hop compilations such as "Timeless" and "The Cave," and their 2022 release "Lo-fi Ghibli," a lo-fi hip-hop cover of the classic Ghibli films, has been a hit not only in Japan but overseas as well. The production team, Grey October Sound, has been making a name for themselves both in Japan and abroad. Their new lo-fi hip-hop cover of city pop has become a major genre that Japan is proud of!
◆The album features lo-fi hip-hop covers of classic songs by Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi, Yumi Arai and others, including Miki Matsubara's "Door at Midnight," Yasuha's "Friday Chinatown" and Taeko Onuki's "City," all of which have sparked the global popularity of city pop music!
◆ The jacket is designed by Rika Hase, an illustrator who has worked on numerous book and CD covers, advertising art, and video visuals, and was also in charge of the visuals for "Lo-Fi Ghibli".

■Track list

      SIDE A:
    • 1. フライディ・チャイナタウン (原曲:泰葉)/ Grey October Sound & MONBEE
    • 2. プラスティック・ラブ (原曲:竹内まりや)/ Grey October Sound & Achamico,ADON
    • 3. 真夜中のドア〜stay with me (原曲:松原みき)/ Grey October Sound & MONBEE
    • 4. 都会 (原曲:大貫妙子) / Grey October Sound & Judo125
    • 5. あの日に帰りたい (原曲:荒井由美)/ Grey October Sound & Esu
    • 6. 悲しみがとまらない (原曲:杏里)/ Grey October Sound & Lo Film Creation

      SIDE B:
    • 1. 君は1000% (原曲:1986オメガトライブ) / Grey October Sound & Esu
    • 2. あまく危険な香り (原曲:山下達郎) / Grey October Sound & Judo125
    • 3. Mr.サマータイム(原曲:サーカス) / Grey October Sound & The Sidewinder
    • 4. DOWN TOWN(原曲:シュガー・ベイブ)/ Grey October Sound & Kimono Boyz
    • 5. 真夜中のドア〜stay with me (原曲:松原みき)  / Grey October Sound & Judo125