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edbl & Kazuki Isogai『The edbl × Kazuki Sessions』CD


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edbl & Kazuki Isogai『The edbl × Kazuki Sessions』CD

Format: CD
Price: ¥2,400 + tax
Release date.:2022/09/07

One of South London's hottest artists, edbl, has collaborated with guitarist Kazuki Isogai, who has performed with numerous musicians in Japan and abroad. The soulful and melodic charm of edbl and the jazzy guitar playing of Kazuki Isogai create a scientific reaction of the highest order on this masterpiece album!

One of the hottest musicians in South London, edbl has produced some of the key figures in the music scene today, including Tom Misch, Jorja Smith and Arlo Parkes, in a variety of genres. Black.) His new album "South London Sounds" and "Brockwell" are also well received. He has many fans in Japan and abroad, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and is active not only in Japan, but also in Asia, America, Europe and Africa, including SANABAGUN. Collaboration album with guitarist Kazuki Isogai! The album starts with "Worldwide" where you can fully enjoy the fluent guitar playing, "Lemon Squeezy" where you can hear the clear voice of Taura Lamb, who also sang on the popular song "Nostalgia" included in "South London Sounds", and "Soul", which has been featured on many UK soul albums including BBC. The album is full of great songs such as 'Lemon Squeezy', in which Taura Lamb's crystal clear voice is heard, 'Tides', in which Kazuki's guitar beautifully intertwines with the song of Rachel Jane, a rising star in the UK soul scene that has attracted the attention of many local media including the BBC, and 'Afrique' in which Otis Ubaka's sax melodiously echoes. Isogai's jazzy guitar playing and edbl's soulful and mellow charms create a scientific reaction of the highest order on this masterpiece of an album!

■Track list

  • 1.Worldwide feat. JPRK
  • 2.Ethereal
  • 3.Lemon Squeezy feat. Taura Lamb
  • 4.Cinco
  • 5.Tides feat. Rachel Jane
  • 6.Could It Be U feat. Kieron Boothe
  • 7.Jazzy Fizzle
  • 8.Afrique feat. Otis Ubaka
  • 9.Surface feat. INIMI
  • 10.J.K.
  • 11.Máfia
  • 12.Left To Say feat. JPRK