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Format: CD
Price: ¥2,500 + tax
Release date:2022/12/14

MACKA-CHIN, a musician/DJ/producer also known as a member of NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND, has released his first original album in six years, "muon"! The album is a wide-ranging work that mixes ambient and chill sounds with elements of house and world music, reflecting his miscellaneous tastes, and every track was produced by himself!

◆He is widely known in the scene as the brain behind NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND, and as a solo artist, he is also a rapper, musician, beatmaker, producer, video creator, DJ, etc. He continues his activities at his own pace as per his unique perspective, tastes and sense. He is also a personality and creative director of TOKYO FM's "MURO PRESENTS KING OF DIGGIN'", and has established a new overseas MADE IN JAPAN label, "Kumomi Records", and is a multi-talented figure in the music industry. MACKA-CHIN's first original album in six years, "muon"!
◆A complete change from his previous album "MARIRIN CAFE BLUE" released in 2016, which was more like a producer album with many guest artists, this album features MACKA-CHIN rapping in full without any guests, and he also trackmade and produced all the songs by himself. A purely independent solo album! The album is a wide-ranging work that reflects MACKA-CHIN's miscellaneous tastes, mixing elements of house and world music with the ambient and chill sounds that have been his own boom in recent years, and those who have been following his activities for a long time will understand!
◆This album features artwork selected by MACKA-CHIN himself from the vast collection of photographs taken so far by the respected photographer Ena Yanai, which suits the image of the album. The album is a collaboration album between MACKA-CHIN and Mr Yanai, who also provided inspiration for the album's production.

In addition to his work as a member of N.M.U., he has released numerous genre-less works such as ZEN RYDAZ, etc. In addition to DJing, he has provided music to artists and produced numerous sound designs for companies. 2018: personality and creative director of programmes on TOKYO FM. He is a musician, DJ and producer who has been active in the music industry for a number of years, and is planning to launch the overseas music label "Unmi Records" in 2022. Loves space, nature and agriculture. Born in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.

Ena Yanai:
Born 1977 in Hokkaido, resident in Tokyo. Began producing photographic works while still at university, and since then has produced overhead landscape works in Japan and abroad that experiment with synchronicity." MOUNTAIN" and "YOU ARE HERE" photo collections. He has been working in music for many years and continues to produce photographs.

■Track list

  • 1. ホシトソラ
  • 2. つなぐ風
  • 3. earthwind
  • 4. NOTV
  • 5. ヨルノモリ
  • 6. 綺麗(INST)
  • 7. マデイラ島
  • 8. アイガーの夕陽