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JUN MIYAKE『Especially Sexy』CD


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JUN MIYAKE『Especially Sexy』CD

Format: CD
Price: ¥3,000 + tax
Release date:2022/05/24

★Initial limited edition
★ Paper jacket specification

Straightforward jazz ballads with Ron Carter and Al Foster, and songs featuring top players from the fusion scene such as Michael Brecker and David Sanborn, this 1984 album has everything from straight jazz to electric sounds with a black contemporary feel!

Jun Miyake, whose previous album June Night Love (1983) showed off his outstanding performance and skills as an arranger to the full, and breathed new life into the Japanese jazz scene, worked on his second album, Especially Sexy, with top American players. Finally reissued! Starting with 'June Night Love' (M1) with David Sanborn, Miyake's second album 'Especially Sexy' with top American players is finally being reissued! The band's fusion-like songs include 'Wish' (M3) with Berklee ally Bobby Bloom on vocals, 'Crossing' (M4), which is freely inspired by Victor Bailey, a former member of Weather Report, and 'JFK Express' (M5), a fusion-like song with a sharp, electric beat with Michael Brecker. The band's sound is a condensation of mid-80s feelings, from the light mellow tunes such as 'Sea-born Mind' (M6), where Daryl Jones, who had been in the spotlight for his participation in the Miles Davis Band, supports the groove, to the more upbeat tunes, such as 'Wish' (M3), which is backed by the gorgeous trio of Ron Carter, Al Foster and Roland Hanna. The album also includes the acoustic jazz ballad 'Becoming To You' (M8), which was quietly infused with the backing of a gorgeous trio of Ron Carter, Al Foster and Roland Hanna. A grainy piece of work that also shows his pride and joy as a jazz player! This is the world's first reissue of this album, reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original, with the original liner notes and recording booklet enclosed with the original recordings also reissued!

■Participate musicians
Ron Carter (Bass)/ Al Foster (Drums)/ Roland Hanna (Piano)/ Bobby Bloom (Guitar/Vocal)/ Michael Brecker (Tenor Sax)/ David Sanborn (Alto Sax)/ Daryl Jones (Bass)/ Victor Bailey (Bass)/ Mike Stern (Guitar), etc.

■Track list

  • 1. June Night Love
  • 2. Twist To Open
  • 3. Wish
  • 4. Crossing
  • 5. JFK Express
  • 6. Sea-born Mind
  • 7. Pungent
  • 8. Becoming To You