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PLP- 7844/5
Format: CD
Price: ¥3,000 + tax
Release date:2022/06/29

★Imported domestic distribution specification
★with obi/Japanese commentary.

The latest series of Jazz Is Dead, a project by Adrian Young and Ali of A Tribe Called Quest, has begun!

The second series of Jazz Is Dead, the hottest label in the LA underground and current jazz scene, is already underway!
Featured in the second series are Ronnie Liston Smith, Henry Franklin, Gene Kern, Phil Ranelin, Wedell Harrison, Tony Allen, Garrett Saracho and Katalyst!
The first of the second series is, as before, an unveiling compilation featuring one track from each of the forthcoming albums!
A dream cross-generational collaboration between the masters of black jazz and rare groove, whose records are hunted day and night by diggers around the world, and The Midnight Hour, who play the most retro-modern black music of the moment!

"We make music with respect to those who came before us. That's what we're about."
Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

"Jazz Is Dead", the second series begins!
"Jazz Is Dead", which has become one of the most popular underground and jazz labels in LA, has already started its second series with a total of 10 releases from its first series, which was successfully completed despite the Corona disaster, which prevented the label from organising its original live events. Jazz Is Dead" has already started its second series. The opening bell for the second series will be a compilation of one track from each of the albums scheduled for release in the second series, just as in the previous series. The line-up this time includes Ronnie Liston Smith, a pioneer of cosmic jazz-funk-fusion, bassist Henry Franklin, who has played impressively on many of the label's classic albums as well as on his Black Jazz releases, and the same Black Jazz diva and wife of Doug Kahn, who also released an album in the first series, Jean Kahn, and even Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison, founders of the legendary Black Jazz label Tribe. This alone would be a dream come true for lovers of rare groove and black jazz, but in keeping with Jazz Is Dead's appeal for cross-genre and cross-generational collaborations, the programme also features the likes of Tony Allen, who created Afrobeat as the right-hand man of Fela Kuti, who sadly passed away in 2020, and the likes of Wendell Harrison, who was a founding member of the legendary black jazz label, Tribe. The line-up also includes Tony Allen, who sadly passed away in 2020, and Garrett (Gary) Saracho, whose only album for the prestigious Impulse label, En Medio, from 1973, is still talked about around LA as a Latin/Chicano jazz masterpiece. The dark horse of the second series, and possibly the most important one to listen to, is the collaboration with Catalyst, the current LA jazz scene's hottest collective. Catalyst drummer Greg Paul has played on many of the previous releases, so expect a sound that is different from his work with other big names due to their familiarity. As before, the final track is a new song by Adrian and Ali's unit, The Midnight Hour.

■Track list

  • 1. The Griot feat.Henry Franklin
  • 2. Love Brings Happiness feat.Lonnie Liston Smith and Loren Oden
  • 3. El Cambio Es Neccesario feat.Garrett Saracho
  • 4. The Avenues feat.Katalyst
  • 5. Come As You Are feat.Jean Carne
  • 6. Ebun feat.Tony Allen
  • 7. Running With The Tribe feat.Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison
  • 8. Phoenix feat.The Midnight Hour