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Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2021/07/28

★ First-time limited production

While swaying and wandering, you and I reach for hope.
The band "Winter Divided" consisting of Saho Terao, Ko Iga, and Reisaburo Adachi. The long-awaited second album "Tandem" has been completed for the first time in two and a half years since the highly acclaimed first album. Ensembles with stronger ties and sparkles of "individuals" illuminate each path.

As a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter, he continued to pioneer the singing world, and was highly evaluated in the original album "To the North" released last year in 2020 and the collection of children's song / Moriko song "My Favorite Children's Song 2". The singer-songwriter who got it, Saho Terao. Haruomi Hosono and Gen Hoshino, a rare bassist who is absolutely trusted by many musicians, Ko Iga. And Reisaburo Adachi, a genius drummer / musician who has demonstrated his unique sense in various bands / projects, from a wide range of creations under his own name to unrequited love. It is "Winter Divided" that these artists brought their talents together, carefully worked out the band sound, and played it. Taking a big step further from the organic composition that was heard in the first work "I don't need anything" released in 2018, the second album "Tandem", which should be the definitive work for this band, has been completed.
Groove pop "swaying" where gentleness melts into the vivid cityscape, waltz "200m altitude" with some surrealistic lyric, rainy landscape and swaying heart. "It's about to rain", and "wandering" where light songs support each decision. One of the features of this work is that these songs brought by Saho Terao softly wrap her entire work, while the contribution of Iga and Adachi to songwriting has increased. Iga has a "rain song" with a suppressive bass play and a futuristic sound of a synthesizer, a slow "quiet dawn" that makes you feel a tricky aesthetic, and a quiet piano ambient "tandem". Written. In Brazil, the harmony and rhythm of Minas Gerais is fresh, "Mountain Milton", and the sound of the gut guitar is combined with Terao's vocals and "Star Birthday". It tells us that the triangle of being divided into winter is now the most fulfilling mutual relationship.
We who immerse ourselves and walk while fluctuating at the end of the vague future. However, because of this wandering, new hope may come into contact with the skin. The three divided into winter, whether it is ephemeral or not, do not stop playing music because it is ephemeral. This is the music you and I draw on the road.

■Track list

  • 1.もうすぐ雨は
  • 2.rain song
  • 3.揺れる
  • 4.静かな夜明け
  • 1.tandem
  • 2.山のミルトン
  • 3.星の生誕祭
  • 4.高度200m
  • 5.彷徨い