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Atsushi Sasaki and Mizuki Kodama (authors) Anti-Romance Film Theory: From 'I Loved You Like a Bouquet' to Hong Sang-soo


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Atsushi Sasaki and Mizuki Kodama (authors) Anti-Romance Film Theory: From 'I Loved You Like a Bouquet' to Hong Sang-soo

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Release date: 2022/08/31


I wasn't good at romantic movies.

Love has changed and become more diverse in society, and a number of romantic movies have always reflected this.
An unusual romance/film theory where we discuss everything from masterpieces from the silent film era to the latest hot topics!


table of contents

Anti-romance movie declaration (Atsushi Sasaki)
"Movie Love" and "Movie Love" (Kodama Mizuki)
Chapter 1 Reality and artificiality: Japanese cinema in the 2010s
I fell in love like a bouquet of flowers/Whether I sleep or wake up/What is love?/A sign of seriousness/From Miyamoto to you/Your birds sing/The light shines only there/Birds whose names she doesn't know / Drowning Knife / Long Excuse
Chapter 2 Diversifying Image of Love: Foreign Films of the 2010s
Carol / Half of It / Beetle / Marriage Story / Take This Waltz / Lobster / Love Stories / Call Me by Your Name / Blue Valentine / Young Lady / Moonlight
Chapter 3: A master of romantic movies? -- Hong Sang-soo
The woman who ran away/Then/You and yourself/A hotel by the river/The power of Gangwondo/The next morning you'll be a stranger
Chapter 4 Cliché and Beyond - Kirakira Youth Movie
I want to eat your pancreas / Your lie in April / Love and lies / It's okay to love. / Today, we begin love / The wolf girl and the black prince / Orange - Orange - The man who won't kill and the girlfriend who won't die / What should I do if I'm popular? / Kaguya-sama wants to tell you
Chapter 5 Body and Spirit/Reality and Fiction-Muddy Erotic Movie
(Secret) Lustful Market / Corrida of Love / Couple in the Crater / Whirlpool of Love / Sex Potion / Nymphomaniac / Talk to Her / Boredom / Love Battle / Eyes Wide Shut
Chapter 6 What is Attracted to "Romance/Movies" - Best Romance Films of All Time, Japan Edition
Turbulent clouds / fainting in agony! ! Plot twist / Doremifa's blood is loud / Tokarev / I love you, I love you / 2 / Duo / unloved / Lamp / Record of a gentle murderer / Reiko Iruka / Carmen Innocence / Beauty and sadness / Winds Afternoon / Merry Christmas on the battlefield / undo / Nagisa no Sinbad / Luxurious bones / blue / Dolls / NANA
Chapter 7 What is Attracted to "Romance/Movies" - All Time Best Romance Films/Overseas Edition
Heaven Waits / A Forgotten Face / A Lamp of the Heart / Suddenly Like a Flame / White Nights / Mothers and Prostitutes / A Woman Named Carmen / The Murder of a Boy on Lining Street / Tropical Malady / Four Days with Anna / Woman in the City / In a year with 13 new moons / Lover on the Pont Neuf / Buenos Aires / Pianist / Dreamers / Ecstasy / Spring Fever / Poet's Love / Portrait of a Woman on Fire
Chapter 8 Current Romance Films - New 2022
Annette / Introduction / In front of your face / Cheri Maho THE MOVIE Apparently you can become a wizard if you are a virgin until you are 30 / Even though it's love / The cat ran away / TITANE Titanium / Licorice Pizza
The night before the collapse of the romantic movie (Mizuki Kodama)
Far away from romantic movies (Atsushi Sasaki)