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V.A. 『Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920's 2023』Calendar + CD


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V.A. 『Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920's 2023』Calendar + CD

Format: Goods+CD
Price: ¥4,500 + tax
Release date:2022/11/24

Blues fans will be familiar with the 'Classic Blues Artwork From The 1920's' calendar series, now available for 2023!

◆This series, which has been supported by enthusiasts all over the world for its maniacal production that has wowed even the core blues fans, has announced that it will cease publication after this year due to soaring production costs and declining demand for CDs. This is a record-breaking Vol. 20, which is a milestone for the series and should only be picked up by dedicated fans who have continued to buy it year after year.
◆The accompanying CD contains 25 tracks, including many rare and previously unreleased takes. The most notable of these is 'Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Any More', which leads into Sleepy John Estes' 'Someday Baby' and Big Maceo's 'Worried Life Blues', a blues standard that was also featured by B.B. King. This is one of the standards, and the first version by Memphis Willie Bolam is included for the first time. The album also features a number of fan-favourite recordings, including Edith North Johnston's buried Paramount recordings and previously unreleased Playboy Fuller takes unearthed from the master tapes, all recorded using revolutionary digital restoration technology that combines the playback equipment used in the studio at the time with state-of-the-art technology. The revolutionary digital restoration technology combines the playback equipment used in the studios at the time with cutting-edge technology to bring them back to life in stunning, realistic sound!

■Track list

  • 1. Run, Mollie, Run • Henry Thomas
  • 2. No More Ball And Chain • Joshua White
  • 3. Shipwreck Blues • Bessie Smith
  • 4. Old Rounder's Blues • Funny Paper Smith
  • 5. Balky Mule Blues • Blind Lemon Jefferson
  • 6. Blake's Worried Blues • Blind Blake
  • 7. Worn Down Daddy Blues • Ida Cox
  • 8. Lexington Kentucky Blues • Papa Charlie Jackson
  • 9. Big Boy Blues • Ma Rainey
  • 10. Blue Devil Blues • Texas Alexander
  • 11. Poor Me • Charley Patton
  • 12. A Sermon On A Silver Dollar • Brother Fullbosom
  • 13. Moses Go Down To Pharaoland • Brother Fullbosom
  • 14. Gonna Play My Guitar – A Letter To Muddy Waters • Playboy Fuller
  • 15. Freight Train In The Morning [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
  • 16. Sugar Cane Highway – Alternate Take [Studio Chatter] • Playboy Fuller
  • 17. Going Back To Mobile [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
  • 18. Mr. Charlie [Unreleased] • Pete Franklin
  • 19. Springtime Blues • Scrapper Blackwell
  • 20. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 1 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
  • 21. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 2 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
  • 22. Beat You Doing It • Edith North Johnson
  • 23. Whispering To My Man • Edith North Johnson
  • 24. Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Any More [Unreleased] • Memphis Willie Borum
  • 25. I'm Going Away Blues • Frank Stokes