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Format: LP

★First complete limited edition
★With Obi

The long-awaited analog release of "innervision," a session album led by Osaka-based DJ/beatmaker ENDRUN, featuring MONJU, Aru-2, Budamunk, DJ SCRATCH NICE, DJ GQ, JJJ, ILLSUGI, O.D.S., STUTS, YOTARO and more!

◆ DJ and beatmaker known for releases such as his highly acclaimed 2016 self-titled album "Oneway" and his joint album with ILLNANDES The long-awaited analog version of the session album "innervision," led by ENDRUN and released in 2019 on Dogear Records!
◆ ENDRUN arranged and completed this produced album from spontaneous sessions with some of the best beatmakers in the scene such as Aru-2, Budamunk, DJ SCRATCH NICE, DJ GQ, JJJ, ILLSUGI, O.D.S., STUTS and YOTARO. As EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, 16FLIP directs the total balance of the album.
◆ It includes "F.L.O.W." featuring MONJU (ISSUGI, Senjinsho, Mr. PUG) and "New Birth" featuring Willow! Also included as a bonus track is a BudaMunk remix of "Finest" feat!

*New Birth feat. Willow / Prod by ENDRUN

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■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. Pupil (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 2. More Than Words feat. Willow (session with O.D.S.)
  • 3. Runnin' (session with STUTS & JJJ)
  • 4. KO (session with JJJ)
  • 5. Open Your Gate (session with DJ GQ)
  • 6. Yeyo (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 7. Gunsmoke - GOcyouME (session with ILLSUGI)
  • 8. CZN'PASS Remix feat. ISSUGI & ILLNANDES (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 9. F.L.O.W. feat. ISSUGI, 仙人掌 & Mr.PUG (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 10. In Paradise (session with BudaMunk)
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Simian Liner (session with Yotaro)
  • 2. Night In Bushwick (session with DJ SCRATCH NICE)
  • 3. Body Movin' (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 4. Darkness (session with DJ GQ)
  • 5. Same Way to Go feat. ILLNANDES (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 6. New Birth feat. Willow (Prod. ENDRUN)
  • 7. View From Mt.Nijyo (session with Aru-2)
  • 8. Bonus Track - Finest feat. ISSUGI & 茂千代 (BudaMunk Remix)