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三宅純『NHKドラマ『雪国-SNOW COUNTRY-』オリジナル・サウンドトラック』CD


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JUN MIYAKE『Snow Country : Original Soundtrack』CD

Format: CD
Price: 3,000 yen + tax
Release date:2022/04/20

"Jun Miyake" faces the masterpiece "Snow Country" of "Yasunari Kawabata" with a new interpretation. Collaboration with Nobel Prize-winning authors following "Kazuo Ishiguro" and "An Artist of the Floating World"!

"Snow Country" is a masterpiece of the literary master "Yasunari Kawabata" who begins with this too famous passage, "It was a snow country after passing through a long tunnel on the border." Almost 90 years after its announcement, the masterpiece that has been loved and visualized many times around the world is revived as the NHK drama "Snow Country -SNOW COUNTRY-" (casts: Issei Takahashi, Nao, etc.). Set in the heavy snowfall area of the early Showa period, Jun Miyake's soundtrack seems to invite the love between the writer and the geisha and the truth hidden between the lines to another world. A music world where mystery and madness, truth and fiction intersect, confronting overwhelming visual beauty and delicate psychological depiction. Jun Miyake's one-of-a-kind world view, which just released his latest work "Whispered Garden", will make everything you see feel a new "snow country"!

■Track list

    DISC 1:
  • 1. the border
  • 2. pale fire
  • 3. soundlessness
  • 4. binate
  • 5. memories of the left finger
  • 6. fruitless
  • 7. binate reflection
  • 8. the other side
  • 9. heart wrenching
  • 10. progeny interlude
  • 11. snowstorm
  • 12. progeny outro
  • 13. spark of silence
  • 14. snow country