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Release Date:2023/08/23

★Limited First Edition

Breaking Atoms, the debut album from hip-hop group Main Source, was a quietly revolutionary hit in 1991, and its pioneering approach to sampling and production methods continue to be hailed and documented by dedicated fans old and new. Composed of Toronto brothers K-Cut and Sir Scratch, and Queens MC Large Professor, the group used wide-ranging samples from jazz and soul records to weave introspective tales of relationship fatigue on ‘Looking At The Front Door’, sobering satire of police violence on ‘Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball,’ and many more sketches from the New York/Toronto underground. The album also includes the first recorded appearance of Nas on ‘Live At The Barbeque’ that would mark the beginning of many collaborations for Nas and Large Professor, with the former also producing three tracks on Nas’ Illmatic. P-VINE is delighted to reissue the classic album as a limited edition 2x picture disc package for the first time ever, with ‘Fakin’ the Funk (Legends Circle mix) and other bonus tracks bringing its total track length to fifteen tracks.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Snake Eyes
  • 2. Just Hangin Out
  • 3. Looking At The Front Door
  • 4. Large Professor
  • 5. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball
  • 6. Scratch & Kut
  • 7. Peace Is Not The Word To Play
  • 8. Vamos A Rapiar
  • 9. He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)
  • 10. Live At The Barbeque
  • 11. Watch Roger Do His Thang
  • 12. How My Man Went Down In The Game
  • 13. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix)
  • 14. Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Remix)
  • 15. Fakin' the Funk (Legends Circle mix)