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BudaMunk & Jansport J『BudaSport』CASSETTE


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BudaMunk & Jansport J『BudaSport』CASSETTE

Price: 2,000 yen + tax
Expected delivery date: late November

★Complete limited production

Japan-based DJ/beatmaker BudaMunk and LA-based beatmaker Jansport J, who has garnered attention for his work with Nas and Hit-Boy, are releasing a limited edition cassette of their joint project 'BudaSport'. The release is a limited production! The project features ISSUGI, 5lack, Seninsho, Mr. PUG, Daichi Yamamoto and KOJOE from Japan, and Blu, Devin Morrison, Illa J, Like (Pac Div) and Thurz from the US!

◆ While working on numerous projects including Sick Team, Green Butter and his own solo releases, as well as being in charge of music for corporate commercials, he has also been active in deeper underground movements, expanding his range of activities and releasing works on Delicious Vinyl and Fat Beats, and making a huge impact on the Japanese and international scene. Based in LA, BudaMunk has established his own production style based on soulful beats, and has been featured in major labels such as Nas, Hit-Boy, Benny The Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, Blu and many more. The cassette of "BudaSport", a TYO to LA joint project by these two, has been released in a limited edition! The cassette of BudaSport, a TYO to LA joint project by these two, is being released in a completely limited production!

◆ This album is the result of a collaboration between Jansport J and BudaMunk, mainly from sessions that Jansport J did with BudaMunk when he visited Japan, and brings together artists from Japan and the US who are associated with BudaMunk and Jansport J. From the Japanese side, ISSUGI and 5lack from Sick Team, Senninsho, Mr. PUG, Daichi Yamamoto, KOJOE, GAPPER, OYG, Ume, LafLife, and from the US side, Like (Pac) known for his participation in Kendrick Lamar's works. From the US side, the album features the likes of Mike (Pac Div), who is known for his participation in Kendrick Lamar's work, and Thurz, who is also well known for his participation on Dr. Dre's latest album, as well as Blu, Devin Morrison, Illa J, Slim Jeff and Quadry.

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■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Intro (tonite!)
  • 2. Old School, New Design ft. Blu & ISSUGI
  • 3. Make it Happen ft. 仙人掌 & Mr.PUG
  • 4. Callin’
  • 5. Spice ft. Illa J, Devin Morrison & Daichi Yamamoto
  • 6. Can’t Hide It
  • 7. Susy ft. Slim Jeff & Ume
  • 8. Pretty Eyes
    SIDE B:
  • 1. All Praise Due ft. Like & 5lack
  • 2. Jungles
  • 3. 21’til ft. Kojoe & Thurz
  • 4. PipeLine ft. LafLife
  • 5. Whereva You At ft. Quadry & Ume
  • 6. Tell The World
  • 7. 未来への希望 ft. OYG & GAPPER