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Ira Nepus『Trombone Feeling』LP


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Ira Nepus『Trombone Feeling』LP

Format: LP
List Price: 3,980 yen + tax
Release date: 2023/10/04

★Limited First Edition
★With Obi

The first LP reissue of the only album by trombonist Ira Neps, who also participated in the greatest Hawaiian AOR album "Lemuria"! A soul, jazz, mellow fusion masterpiece full of Brazilian flavor with soft and graceful trombone and light vibraphone reminiscent of Roy Ayers!

Trombonist Ira Neps has had a spectacular career, performing and recording with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Leon Russell, BB King, and many others. He was also a member of Lemuria, the pinnacle of Hawaiian AOR, and Kirk Thompson, leader of Lemuria and former member of Kalapana, serves as executive producer for this album, which crosses over soul, jazz, and Brazilian music. The album is full of island flavor. The groovy tune "Trombone Feeling" (A1), with its gorgeous female chorus, soft trombone and Roy Ayers-inspired vibraphone, and the superb mellow fusion "Trickey" (A2), with its gorgeous trombone and light percussion, are a delight. The LP was only available in a pressing of 500 copies at the time of its release (1979), and even though it was played on radio in the U.S. mainland, it was not sold anywhere, and quickly became a collector's item. This is the world's first LP reissue of this coveted digger's disc, which became a collector's item in no time!

■Track list

  • SIDE A :
  • 1. Trombone Feeling
  • 2. Trickey Mickey
  • 3. At Seventeen
  • 4. Slide Vibin
  • 5. Flamenco Jazz
  • SIDE B :
  • 1. Limbo Jazz
  • 2. Journey to Paricutin
  • 3. All of Me
  • 4. Just Friends