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Format: CD
List price: 2,300 yen + tax
Release date: 2012/03/28

While inheriting the flow of the previous work, there are also free-spirited attempts such as changing the rotation speed of the same song and incorporating scratch noise so that it is concentrated on the B side of the original LP. This album is outstanding in terms of the anarchic novelty of the concept including the artwork.

"NEU! Was a supplier of magic. Hidden knowledge. A metaphysical approach to the" beat. " A stationary motion while riding on a conveyor belt groove. Of elementalism. Rock and roll as a barber's rotating sign. An unrivaled band. Marvel and listen "
? Stereolab


■Track list

  • 1. Fur Immer
  • 2. Spitzenqualitat
  • 3. Gedenkminute
  • 4. Lila Engel
  • 5. Neuschnee 78
  • 6. Super 16
  • 7. Neuschnee
  • 8. Cassetto
  • 9. Super 78
  • 10. Hallo Excentrico!
  • 11. Super