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V.A.『This Is Real! - Kent / Modern Deep Soul Treasures』2CD


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V.A.『This Is Real! - Kent / Modern Deep Soul Treasures』2CD

Format: CD
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2013/10/16

Carefully selected many soul works left on the prestigious Modern / Kent label!

It's a bit different from the editing board (although many of them are already difficult to obtain) that are based on the modern / Kent sound source released by Kent in the UK! The theme of this work is "Deep Soul"! Let's deliver the Tokuno Deep Soul Collection with a purity of 120%! Clay Hammond, Z.Z. Hill, Vernon Garrett's Modern / Kent Deep Three People, Johnny Copeland, The Sims Twins, Jeb Stuart, etc. Modern / Kent's deep soul is perfect with this 2CD set!

■Track list

  • 1.Billy Watkins-Just For You (Stone Fox)
  • 2.Billy Watkins-Beverly
  • 3.Bobby John-I'm Coming Home
  • 4.The Sims Twins-Bring It On Home Where You Belong
  • 5.The Other Brothers-Nobody But Me
  • 6.The Other Brothers-It's Been A Long Time Baby
  • 7.Vernon Garrett-If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
  • 8.Willie Gauff & the Love Brothers-Whenever I Can't Sleep
  • 9.Willie Gauff & the Love Brothers-Farewell
  • 10.Freeman King-Georgia Woman
  • 11.Jeanette Jones-Darling I'm Standing By You
  • 12.Ruth Davis-I Need Money
  • 13.Robert Ramsey-Like It Stands
  • 14.Jackie Day-Oh! What Heartaches
  • 15.Arthur And Mary-Let's Get Together
  • 16.Arthur Adams-You Make Me Cry
  • 17.Z.Z. Hill-Nothing Takes The Place Of You
  • 18.Johnny Adams-Don't Wait Too Long
  • 19.Johnny Adams-Your Kind Of Love
  • 20.Jimmy Robins-It's Real (Part 2)
  • 21.Danny Monday-Baby, Without You
  • 22.Danny Monday-Good Taste Of Love
  • 23.Tami Young-Come Back Baby
  • 24.Tommy Youngblood-Why Should I Be The One
  • 25.Foxfire featuring Johnny Adams-Tramp
  • 1.Joe Haywood-The Last One To Know
  • 2.Joe Haywood-I Wanna Love You
  • 3.Joe Haywood-(Play Me) A Cornbread Song
  • 4.Jeb Stuart-I Just Love Your Work
  • 5.Jeb Stuart-Can't Count The Days
  • 6.Earl Wright-I Don't Know
  • 7.Earl Wright-Them Love Blues
  • 8.Chuck Walker & the VIP's with Bobby McVay-I'll Be Standing By
  • 9.Chuck Walker & the VIP's with Bobby McVay-Peace Of Mind
  • 10.Wally Cox-This Man Wants You
  • 11.Johnny Copeland-Love Attack
  • 12.Johnny Copeland and His Soul Agents-Ghetto Child
  • 13.Johnny Copeland-I Was Born To Love You
  • 14.Johnny Copeland-Dear Mother
  • 15.Clay Hammond-I'm Gonna Be Sweeter
  • 16.Clay Hammond-I'll Make It Up To You
  • 17.Yvonne Baker-A Woman Needs A Man
  • 18.Yvonne Baker-My Baby Needs Me
  • 19.Millie Foster-Fill My Needs
  • 20.Angels Of Joy-Mr. President
  • 21.Jackie Shane-You Are My Sunshine
  • 22.Jackie Shane-Stand Up Straight And Tall
  • 23.Little Richard-Don't You Know I