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Black Jazz Box


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Only for those who purchase at P-VINE Web Shop, Black Jazz Records logo sticker benefits are included! Don't miss this opportunity! * This product is priced including shipping. However, if you place an order from overseas, you will be responsible for the cost after confirming the shipping fee, so please use the inquiry form. * Cash on delivery fee of ¥ 300 will be charged. * It will take 2 to 3 days to ship the item. please note that. Only one box set production decision! All 20 albums of the legendary spiritual jazz label Black Jazz are reproduced in a paper jacket and packaged in a luxurious box! ★ All recordings from BJ-1 "Gene Russell / New Direction" ('71) to BJQD-21 "Doug Carn / Adam's Apple" ('74) are recorded (* BJ-13 is originally a missing number) is). ★ Paper jacket specifications that faithfully reproduce the original jacket. ★ A special recording of the discography "BLACK JAZZ BOOK" with commentary created when it recurred in 2005. ★ Similar to the 2005 recurrence, in addition to the lyrics and liner recording, the lyrics Japanese translation is additionally recorded. ★ There are no plans for complete build-to-order manufacturing, first-time limited production, or additional production, so don't miss this machine! ★ This is the last reissue of the 2005 reissue paper jacket, which is currently difficult to obtain, at a price of 46,200 yen, which is much easier to obtain! ★ There are no plans to sell separately.