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“It started with American graffiti” Kenta Hagiwara (Author)


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It's all about pop, and it happened in America's first dark shadow after the war (the Vietnam War). And it's still dazzling...

An irresistible nostalgia for the good old days, a combination of light (culture) and darkness (politics) that the country of America shows, and why "American Graffiti" in the 21st century. A bittersweet yet heartwarming musical essay.

Kenta Hagiwara's new book following the reprinted version of ``What Did Bob Dylan Sing?'' and the hit ``70s City Pop Chronicles.''
A thorough explanation of ``American Graffiti,'' George Lucas's first commercial film before filming ``Star Wars,'' and a journey through the origins of pop music. It was a watershed that occurred in post-war America, when the first shadows (the Vietnam War) were visible.
The music that was born in the light and darkness of the times, and the pop music that has since diversified into various styles and captivated many people around the world, are all summarized in "American Graffiti"!

46 size paperback
256 pages 2016/12/07