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“CLUB JAZZ definitive 1984-2015” Mitsuru Ogawa (author)


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If you want to know what club jazz is, read this book!
The 4th installment of the popular disc guide "definitive" series!
It started in the UK. Club jazz is British eclecticism that descends from mods.
Club Jazz ──Total "over 1000", the ultimate disc guide appeared!

Rare Groove, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Abstract, New Jazz/Future Jazz...
The 30-year history of club jazz has developed while connecting with various styles.
The world's first "Club Jazz" disc guide, written by a leading figure in the genre.
Only the first edition comes with an electronic access key.

Going back even further from the Acid Jazz era, this book is probably the first disc guide that deals with a span of about 30 years, from the time when the "dancing with jazz" movement took place in the UK to the present day.

--From the author's "Preface"

Release date: May 29, 2015