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『Spicy Curry ROKA Story: How a small, large queue of restaurants was formed.』Eri Saito


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『Spicy Curry  ROKA Story: How a small, large queue of restaurants was formed.』Eri Saito


The owner of one of Tokyo's most prosperous restaurants freely reveals her life and the story behind her business!

The female owner of one of Tokyo's most prosperous restaurants, who has collaborated with numerous companies such as Seven-Eleven and House Foods, and constantly attracts media attention including 'Jounetsu Tairiku' (Continent of Passion), generously reveals the story behind her business!

This is a coming-of-age story of one woman's insatiable passion, inquisitiveness, curiosity and appetite, and the endlessly amiable and gentle way she ran through her life with curry, and the story of the prosperity of her fine skills in Reiwa!
After reading this book, you will feel as refreshed as you do after eating spicy curry from  ROKA.
And you will be full of vitality.
Now, you must read it!
──Kaoru Kurosawa (Gospellers)

The spicy curry restaurant Roka opened in Okubo in 2016 and quickly rose to become one of Tokyo's leading restaurants with long queues.
Its signature dish is a combination of spicy curry and Taiwanese dish 'Lunghi rice', and it is popular for its weekly changing menu, which is always inventive.
The female owner, who continues to run the restaurant energetically and single-handedly after relocating in June 2023, looks back on her life and generously shares the stories and know-how behind her thriving restaurant!

Table of Contents.

Introduction - the story of the opening day
Chapter 1: My first encounter with curry
Chapter 2 - The training period - Eric's Curry and Eric South
Chapter 3 - Becoming independent! The eve of the birth of Roka
Chapter 4: The road to becoming a popular restaurant, or the days of fighting the queues
Column Eri Saito's daily life
Chapter 5 - The strategy of "limited edition curry
Column My self-maintenance method
Chapter 6 Collaboration Dances 1 - Retort Curry, Bread and Ramen
Column Starting a shop and 'quitting'
Chapter 7: Collaboration Dances 2 - Ito-Yokado, then 7-Eleven
Column What I learnt in India
Chapter 8 What I want to tell people who want to start a shop



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