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Shinichiro Wada (author) “Modern Metal Guidebook”


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Shinichiro Wada (author) “Modern Metal Guidebook”

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Release date: 2022/11/29


A "new metal textbook" that overlooks metal as "the latest cutting-edge music"!!
Jazz, post-rock, hip-hop and electronic music,
Broad base that greedily incorporates various genres
Extreme metal that has pursued "intensity" and "extremeness" to the limit
And a lot of the latest popular music influenced by metal in various ways

Written by: Sakino Seike, Kyoki Murata, Ryohei Wakita, Tsuya-chan, Hitomi Nishiyama, Mirai Kawashima, Chiaki Fujitani, Yuta Umegaya

table of contents

1 10 notable artists

2 HR/HM(Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)
Originator │ Hard Rock │ NWOBHM │ Pop Metal, Melodic Hard │ Metal Technical Guitarist (80s-90s) │ Heavy Metal/Power Metal │ Thrash Metal, Crossover Thrash │ Thrash Metal, Crossover Thrash │ Progressive Hard /progressive metal

3. Important non-genre music for deepening your understanding of metal ①: Until the 90s

4 Extreme Metal
Grindcore │ Early Death Metal (OSDM) │ Brutal Death Metal │ Progressive Death Metal │ Technical Death Metal │ 1st wave of Black Metal │ 2nd wave of Black Metal │ Spread of Black Metal │ Viking Metal, Folk Metal

5 Post HR/HM
Groove metal │ Industrial metal │ Alternative metal │ Melodic death metal │ Metallic hardcore │ Metalcore (since the 00s: post-melodeath, up to the present), screamo │ Deathcore │ Progressive metalcore / Djent │ Gothic metal | Doom metal, stoner rock, sludgecore | Funeral doom | Drone doom, avant-garde music adjacent to metal | Post-metal |

6. Music outside the genre that is important for deepening your understanding of metal ②: From the 2000s onwards

7 Metal from the 2010s onwards
Utilization in the field of pop music │ Development of metallic hardcore │ Connection with electronic music │ Crossing relationship between jazz and metal │ Dissonant death metal │ Roadburn Festival │ New expansion based on reevaluation of old school style │ Epic metal Area │ Masterpieces of 2022

8 Japanese metal peripheral music
A representative that had a great influence | Japan's pre-HR/HM | Japan's HR/HM | Japan's punk/hardcore close to metal | Japan's extreme metal | Japan's post-HR/HM

Metal as a lifestyle
metal and english
Modern/contemporary music and extreme metal
metal and voice
Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)'s love of underground metal
The salvation of metal and hip-hop: music of escape and revolution
Roadburn Festival is a venue that showcases the innovation and inclusivity of heavy music.
metal and visual kei