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Max Brzezinski (Author) Mariko Sakamoto (Translation) The Age of Vinyl: The Art of Record Collection in the 21st Century and Its Philosophy


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Max Brzezinski (Author) Mariko Sakamoto (Translation) The Age of Vinyl: The Art of Record Collection in the 21st Century and Its Philosophy

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Release date: 2022/09/13


Textbook of record collecting!

Now in the 21st century, records have come to have special value.
Rare groove, modern soul, spiritual jazz, random rap, boogie, new age, art punk, psychedelic...

This book covers everything from record collecting techniques in the Internet age, explanations of genres and subgenres popular with collectors, and the philosophy and sociology of record collecting.

A 21st century record collecting textbook written by the marketing director of Carolina Soul, the world's largest online record store.

(From this book)
Vinyl records are magical commodities. Despite being bought and sold every day like copper and coffee, the true value of records always exceeds their cash value. Now more than ever, vinyl collectors are attaching deep spiritual, intellectual, and emotional meaning to the records they own. In the hearts and minds of vinyl lovers, a record is never just a ``little nameless object'' to be ``grabbed and turned over.'' Rather, records harbor within them what Albert Ayler called "the force that heals the universe."

Max Brzezinski / Max Brzezinski
Marketing Director at Carolina Soul. He holds a PhD in English Modernism from Duke University and was previously a professor of English at Wake Forest University. His literary essays and criticism have appeared in Novel and The Minnesota Review, and his music criticism has appeared in Dusted magazine. He has been a DJ for many years and hosts monthly Carolina Soul radio broadcasts. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Carolina Soul
Based in Durham, North Carolina, Carolina Soul is one of the world's largest luxury record retailers, with an extensive presence in a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Durham and a thriving online record community. We move more than 1000 sheets per week. He has a cult following on Instagram and has a long-running radio show on NTS, an online radio station with 1.5 million unique monthly listeners.

Mariko Sakamoto / Mariko Sakamoto
Born in Tokyo in 1970. She graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Film Studies. She works as a writer/interpreter/translator. Her translation includes Ian F. Martin's ``Let's Quit the Band!'' ”, Cozy Fani Tutti “Art Sex Music”, Jon Savage “The Burning Light, the Sun and Everything Else”, Matthew Collin “Rave Culture”, Jen Perry “The Raincoats” "Such. She lives in London.


table of contents

First off: Why vinyl now?

CHAPTER 1 How to play record games
CHAPTER 2 Developing collection methods
CHAPTER 3 Genre and subgenre explanation for collectors
CHAPTER 4 Politics of record collecting
CHAPTER 5 Let's experience records

Conclusion: A record that matches the direction of our times.

Appendix 1: Top selling works by genre at Carolina Soul store
Appendix 2: Popular genres by state
Appendix 3: Popular genres by country