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Chuck Klosterman (author) “Dying to Live: An American Journey through Death and Rock”


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Chuck Klosterman (author) “Dying to Live: An American Journey through Death and Rock”

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Release date: 2022/08/29


Sid Vicious, Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain... What does the death of a rock star bring us?

A journey through the places of death of rock stars: The masterpiece of one of modern America's leading rock writers has finally been translated!

A story that travels across America, visiting the places where rock stars died and exploring the meaning of love and death.
Snorting cocaine in a cemetery and walking half a mile through a bean field. Listen to KISS solo albums and Rod Stewart box sets. He talks to a waitress who loves Franz Kafka and thinks about the four women and the members of KISS.
Radiohead's ``Kid A'' is a controversial work that contains a controversial line that is said to have predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks!


table of contents

The day before the first day: New York → Dead horse → People who didn't ask for anything
The night before the first day: Confusion → Construction → The night before the first day of publication
Day 1: Diane → Hippie → Ithaca → Hand of Doom
Day 2 Conversation → Autoregressive Mental Disorder → Honesty Room → How to Win at Yahtzee Game
Third day: Fire → Metal → Drugs → Despair → Q
Fourth day Crazy→In→Love
Day 5: Brake Down → Downtown → Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Day 6: Los Angeles → The ice age is coming, the ice age is coming → What does it mean to be interesting?
Seventh day Ice → Snake → God → Arkansas
Day 8: Kobe → Nico → Lizzy → Nashville
Day 9: Bellbottom Blues → Things that shouldn't have happened, but happened → Rivers, roads, the South → Summer of pole vaulting → The devil is alive
Day 10: To Iowa → A Coincidental Result → My Forgotten Life
Eleventh day: The plane makes an unexpected landing in the blink of an eye → The truth among lies → I'm anxious, I'm always in love
Day 12 "Slow Ride" vs "Free Ride"
Day 13 Lenoir → Situation surrounding glasses → For some reason Ryan Adams
Day 14: How to euthanize a deer → “Up North” → Poor, so pitiful Helen → There are people who keep all their good fortune to themselves
Fifteenth day Mastodon
Day 16: ``From now on, everyone will be excited in the valley, and everyone will be devastated in Salt Lake City, because the police there won't admit what they know. But they should know. Oh. You should know that it wasn't me who did what you said."
The day before the final day So we die young → Albino, half-breed → "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw"
Last day 0:08