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ele-king editorial department (ed.) "ele-king vol.29"


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ele-king editorial department (ed.) "ele-king vol.29"

price: 1,600 yen + tax
Release date: 2022/06/29


Special Feature: Folk Strikes Back - Good old things being updated

Opening interview: Big Thief
Interview: Marisa Anderson, Caroline, Stick in the Wheel, Laura Cannell, Lancome
Special interview: Belle & Sebastian

The oldest folk music, the now expanding folk era,
Valuable interviews that cannot be read online, overviews of history and scenes ~ columns, and disc guides

* Extra page special price


revenge of folk
Folk Strikes Back - Good old things being updated

●It is “inexpensive music” by Shinya Matsuyama

[interview] Big Thief
Big Thief──Even if the world changes, things that must remain the same by Tsuyoshi Kizu

[interview] Marisa Anderson
Marisa Anderson──Beyond the Journey by Tsutomu Noda

●Overview of Americana by Masato Matsumura

●Free Folk: What was New Weird America in the 00s? by Tsutomu Noda

●It is still evolving by Shino Okamura

●Singing life passed down by Tsuyoshi Kizu

●Female artists by Shino Okamura

[interview] caroline
Caroline──Beautiful and slow twilight by Tsutomu Noda

●Revival of British Folk and the New Century by Shinya Matsuyama

[interview] Stick In The Wheel
Stick in the Wheel: Folk as the Voice of the Working Class by Shinya Matsuyama

●UK Weird Folk by James Hadfield

[interview] Laura Cannell
Laura Cannell──Flute and violin, a synopsis that transcends time and space by Tsutomu Noda

●10 indie-like British traditional songs by Jon Wilks

[interview] Lankum
Lancome: Irish tradition and experiment by Shinya Matsuyama

Disc Guide by Shinya Matsuyama, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Masato Matsumura, Takune Kobayashi, Mitsuru Ogawa, Shino Okamura, Tsutomu Noda

[interview] Belle and Sebastian
Belle & Sebastian ──Glasgow Indy still has a warm soul by Nami Sezawa

■Jack Kerouac's 100th anniversary roundtable discussion by Matthew Chozick, Maki Mizukoshi, and Tsutomu Noda

Art Direction & Design: Sei Suzuki