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ele-king special issue “Invitation to virtual space ── Introduction to Metaverse”


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ele-king special issue “Invitation to virtual space ── Introduction to Metaverse”

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Release date: 2021/10/29


The door to a new era is now opening──
Business, society, games... How will our lives change?

“Metaverse” has become common in the news recently.
It refers to an online 3D virtual space and has even been called the "successor of the Internet."
How does it affect us?

Second Life, VRChat, cluster, "Virtual Shibuya", Facebook, Oculus Quest 2, blockchain, NFT, "Fortnite", "Roblox", MMORPG, "The Dragon and the Freckled Princess", "Sword Art Online"... …

Explaining the “Metaverse”, which is currently attracting attention from various quarters, for beginners,
Approach its charm from various angles!

Interview: Keiji Mibuchi, Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE), Hironaka Kunimitsu & Seiji Shin (Thirdverse), Susumu Imai, TREKKIE TRAX, Eiko Ikegami, Sakiko Fujishima
Column: Kazushi Iida, Mari Kotani, Kenji Saito, Yoshiharu Shiraishi, Takayuki Tatsumi, Haruhisa “Hally” Tanaka, Naoya Fujita, Itaru Mita, Evgeny Morozov


Keiji Mibuchi: The world that the Metaverse will change - Exploring the future through the sustainability of the pioneer Second Life
Naohiro Ukawa: Sharing infinite fantasies - a continuation of the unfulfilled dreams of the hippie movement
Hirohisa Kunimitsu & Kiyoshi Shin: The road to the coming ``Oasis'' ──The intersection of SNS, games, VR, and blockchain will realize the Metaverse (Interview: Isamu Kasai)
Susumu Imai: The importance of slang and body language -- the reason why "Fortnite" was in the spotlight
TREKKIE TRAX The feeling of redoing the club culture ─ ─ The world tour with VRChat, the scenery witnessed by the DJ group
Eiko Ikegami Human beings have been using avatars since ancient times - the virtual power that makes civilization itself possible
Sakiko Fujishima: Expressing the passion of your “voice” and your will—the possibilities of virtual demos

What do you need to experience the Metaverse? Things you should prepare in advance
Let's actually experience the Metaverse ① Virtual SNS/Social VR edition
Let's actually experience the Metaverse ② Online game/game-type content edition

Takayuki Tatsumi Before and after using “Snow Crash”: Neal Stevenson’s science fiction imagination
Kenji Saito: Blockchain, NFT, and a separately constructed metaverse
Tanaka "hally" Haruhisa Prehistoric Metaverse ──How did "pretend play" lead to "Metaverse"?
Naoya Fujita “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” and the Japanese Metaverse
Kazufumi Iida Why is Aincrad so special? The avatar's "face" in "Sword Art Online"
Yoshiharu Shiraishi: The night song of the “alter ego” - On the origin of VR, Artaud’s “potential reality”
Mari Kotani: How can we change the distortion of gender differences in reality? The wall that the manga “Le Saint-Entiment” broke through
Itaru Mita: What happens when you are reincarnated in another world? ──What lies beyond the Metaverse
Evgeny Morozov Another digital world is possible - the other side of privacy (translation: Osamu Tsuchida)