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"Ele-king vol.27" ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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"Ele-king vol.27" ele-king editorial department (ed.)

Body price: 1,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/07/06
ele-king editorial department
ISBN: 978-4-909483-98-0

Special feature: It's not hype ── Current status report of Japanese rap

Intro Long Interview: ISSUGI

A large catalog to know the current state of the scene
50 songs + 50 albums
⇒ Listen immediately! Song introduction with QR code

ralph x Double Clapperz
NENE (Yurufuwa Gang)

In addition, there are plenty of talks by Ryo Isobe and Shin Futaki, and columns by Shoko it (Dos Monos).

Hip-hop as "music" beyond the mere fashion
Explore the depth and breadth of that sound!

Editorial cooperation: Shin Futaki
Art Direction & Design: Kiyoshi Suzuki
Cover photo: Teppei Hori

contents contents
Intro Long Interview: ISSUGI
ISSUGI selected discography (Omae)
15th Anniversary ── Looking back on the achievements (Omae Itaru)

Interview: Ryo Isobe x Shin Futaki ── Japanese rap music, changes over the last five years

ralph x Double Clapperz

Must-listen Japanese rap / hip hop catalog
・ 50 songs
・ 50 albums
(Nobu Futaki / Tatsuki Ichikawa, Rhyming Husband, Akiko Uegami, Tsuhiro Ekai, Takune Kobayashi, Tsuya-chan, 272, MINORI, Akane Yoshida, Masashi Yoshida)

Music is different from the guitar fast-playing contest (Keita Miyazaki)
3 Japanese hip-hop songs that you like Shoko it (Soko it)
Beat artisans digging (Masashi Yoshida)
The intersection of hip-hop and the improvisational music scene (Naritsugu Hosoda)
Between real and fiction (Takune Kobayashi)
Feminism that spreads individually (Maki Mizukoshi)
How to enjoy DJ mix in the streaming era (Akiko Uegami)
Visual changes ── At the end of Autotune and Mumble (Tsuya-chan)
The Catcher in the Suicide Country (Satoshi Izumi)
Japanese hip-hop (Genaktion) listening from an "indilap" perspective