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ele-king extra edition "The World Changed by Corona"


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ele-king extra edition "The World Changed by Corona"

Price: ¥1,800 + tax
Release date: 2020/06/24
ele-king editorial department (ed.)

Now, a new reality is unfolding──

What ends and what begins?
Verification from society, science, and culture that was not mentioned in the news

Chizuko Ueno, Itsuki Uchida, Shinji Miyadai, Brian Eno
Keisuke Amagasa, Kenji Utsunomiya, Yanis Varoufakis, and others



  • Itsuki Uchida Rather than counting what has been lost, count what remains
  • Keisuke Amagasa What is the new coronavirus? --Causes and countermeasures explored from a scientific perspective
  • Brian Eno x Yanis Varoufakis Thinking about the post-virus world
  • Shinji Miyadai: Despair is hope -- The path to the future illuminated by the pandemic
  • Chizuko Ueno: Women are better suited for politics -- the reality of discrimination against women made visible by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Ikuo Gonoi: Japan doesn't need to impose martial law because it doesn't have an army - Comparison of responses of countries around the world and Japan
  • Junko Kikawa: Residents have become vaccines for each other - Seoul's coronavirus countermeasures are based on citizens' initiative
  • Kenji Utsunomiya The meaning of the declaration of a state of emergency ─ What do people really need
  • Tetsuaki Shigemitsu Will the virus strike everyone equally? ──The importance of public health and epidemiology by a doctor living in France
  • Masatake Shinohara We are becoming aware of the structure of new sensations: A pandemic from an ecological perspective
  • Daniel Miller: Much has been devastated - the future of the music industry, especially the indie scene
  • Brian Eno How can we cherish things that do not generate profit ──Culture and art reinterpreted


  • Ian F. Martin Corona Localism -- From a live house on the brink
  • Mariko Sakamoto: This is how utopia is depicted - from Brian Eno to William Morris
  • Mamoru Goto: Plague Culture: From Fact to Neogrotesque
  • Hifumi Nakayama Aposterior thinking
  • Suzu Takashima Flood and survival ─ Inside a house where no one goes outside
  • Kaji Shiraishi Passing through the tunnel and being blown by the wind - About the new form of spirit
  • Itaru Mita Holiday in the Sun (Mind)

Cover photo: Yasuhiro Ohara