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“One Hundred Blues Songs” by Yasufumi Higurashi (author)


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“One Hundred Blues Songs” by Yasufumi Higurashi (author)
Base price: 2,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2020/03/25

In these absurd times,
Listen to the wonderful music born from the absurdity of life!
Written by a pioneer in blues research
The best blues playlist of 100 songs and 100 stories

Yasufumi Higurashi, who has continued to introduce the blues to Japan for half a century,
For those who are about to listen to the blues
For those who still love the blues
To understand the origin of “the same thing that changes”
For those who want to know an alternate history of America
And to survive this tough time
Choose 100 songs and talk about those 100 songs.
A must-read for anyone who loves black music, the latest blues guide!