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Sparkling Chika Takei Art Book


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Chika Takei is a very popular illustrator who captures the hearts of girls. Her first complete collection of illustrations is finally on sale!

Whenever I look at Takei's work, I get the mysterious feeling that her heart is stuck in her throat because she can't breathe properly...
It's not painful, in fact, it feels so good...what is this? What kind of feelings...
Wait, is this really...exciting...?
For those who want to be excited, please enjoy Takei World, which is full of reality that goes beyond fancy super cute happy sparkling girls!
(Simply put, the feeling you get when you find someone you like in a crowd of people) – Naomi Watanabe

This is an attractive work that combines a fun pop sensibility with bright pastel colors and sparkling colors, the restrained and dignified atmosphere of Japanese paintings, and a deep worldview similar to the coloring books that were popular with girls in the Showa era. Tachi.

Her expressions that convey the ``awake eyes,'' "positive energy,'' and "a bit of mischief, devilishness, and refreshing sex appeal'' that appear and disappear among girls have attracted the support of many women, and she has also been featured in media and brand collaborations. To existence.

Recently, he has been involved in studio design for TBS's "Don't Wake Up If It's a Dream,'' hosted by Teppei Arita, provided illustrations for a coffee cup in collaboration with the magazine "andGIRL,'' and has displayed a large wall poster of a cosmetics brand in Harajuku. His work has been widely used, including the tourism attraction pamphlet "Secret Utsunomiya,'' created in collaboration with Utsunomiya City, and distributed at various public institutions.

This is the first collection of illustrations where you can fully experience the world of Chika Takei, who is not only popular among cute girls, but who you can't take your eyes off of right now!

《Product information》
Chika Takei (author)
Sparkling Chika Takei Art Book

Release date: July 19, 2018
Model number: ISBN 978-4-909483-02-7
List price: ¥2,300 + tax
Format: B5 size
Number of pages: 128 pages

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