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“The World of Vocaloid Music 2017” Shima (Supervisor)


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A comprehensive overview of the Vocaloid music scene in 2017!

The Vocaloid music scene in 2017 was very exciting as Hatsune Miku celebrated its 10th anniversary. What was the actual situation like? Kagamine Rin and Len, who also celebrated their 10th anniversary, the release of the Chinese version of Hatsune Miku, the 5th anniversary of Magical Mirai, the "King's Return" phenomenon and the rise of the new generation, the "# Compass" collaboration song sweeping, "Sand Planet ', the accelerating underground, and many other things.

-Introductory interview: EHAMIC
● Carefully selected songs/albums released in 2017, reviewing 50 essential songs/20 albums all at once!
●An overview of recent trends by theme: “Jazz,” “Underground,” “China,” and “Niconi Advertising.”

・Written by: Aruka / Anmerz P / Kyu / Shima / Hickey P / Fe / Man_boo / myrmecoleon
・Illustration: seri / Charaai

Release date: 2018/3/14