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OTO + Takehiro Kodamata / A connected world - my Jagatara story


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Jagatara, the legendary band that galloped through Japan in the 80's. Even after the passing of Akemi Edo, who led the band with his realistic and prescient words and demeanor and overwhelming performances, his music is still being heard by younger generations, and some of the people who go to demonstrations live comfortably in the city. It's been handed down by people who have it.

Musically, Jagatara is a hybrid of Afrobeat, funk and dub. Guitarist OTO played an important role in the music. It could be said that he infused the band's dub sensibility into the world music vision.

This book is OTO's candid autobiography and the story of Jagatara, and after Jagatara, his activities in Sayoko Otonara with former Zelda vocalist Sayoko, leaving Tokyo and moving to Kumamoto. This is a message from him, who lives in the mountains doing farm work and is almost self-sufficient.

Release date: November 26, 2014