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“ele-king vol.14” Tsutomu Noda + Itaru Mita (eds.)


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■ Special Feature: Aphex Twin
In the past year, the "Aphex Twin long-awaited theory" has become more and more prominent.
OPN alone is not enough. There's something Daft Punk lost sight of. The brightest moments of 90's techno.
Now is the time to feature "Aphex Twin"!
In addition, there has been a new trend in techno/dance music in the last year. Its name is "Cold".
The trinity of electronica + jungle + techno. Burial, Portishead, and 90's Aphex Twin's drill-and-bass mixed music is expanding at a tremendous pace, especially in the UK.
Cold Step, Cold Minimal... So, Aphex Twin Theory, OPN vs. AFX, Will the Bedroom Change the World...?
There is also a detailed disc guide and guidelines that allow you to view the scenes at a glance.
For the first time in a long time, Paper Eleking will have a new design and feature the latest modes of Aphex Twin and Techno!!

[Published interview schedule]
Richard D. James/Actress/Millie & Andrea/Accord/Inga Copeland

■Second Special Feature: Nationalism and Globalization
I thought about the big theme of where Japan is heading now from the perspective of a music magazine.
I go to work in the morning, greet my Indian boss, and then go to lunch with my Filipino friends...
Are you headed for that lifestyle?... From hate speech to collective self-defense, to the future immigration policy of the Abe Cabinet, living in Japan where there is a lot of turmoil, let's start with a review of the way of thinking.
Conversation: Mikako Brady x Maki Mizukoshi “What has happened in the UK/What will happen in the future in Japan”
Learning about issues of nationalism and globalization from movies and music, etc.

■Special contribution: Chicago footwork/Juke report based on on-site coverage!
A juke report from Chicago by D.J. Fultono and D.J. April. A Japanese DJ will travel to Chicago and introduce the city's scene, DJs, and music along with tons of photos!

Release date: 2014/10/15