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Bessatsu ele-king “Progressive Jazz Evolving Soul ─ Flying Lotus and the current location of jazz”


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Jazz is currently the coolest trend on the streets, dance culture, and electronic music scene in Europe and America. If you walk into a record store in London, 'jazz' will be played loudly, and if you turn on the radio, jazz will play. DJ culture digs jazz, indie listeners explore avant-garde. Techno, dubstep, and hip-hop are starting to see a massive infusion of jazz.

As is well known, in the wake of Robert Glasper's Grammy Award win, jazz has been reinterpreted in soul, R&B, and hip-hop. But today's "jazz" has an even more free wind!

A new phase of jazz that can be called the African version of progressive rock. Popularly known as "Prog & B" (abbreviation of Prog + R&B), which draws the flow of Shuggie Otis. Detroit's new generation of Kyle Hall is promoting the broken beats revival, cosmic jazz is being revived on the 100th anniversary of Sun Ra's birth, passion for the avant-garde is spreading as Derrick Bailey is reevaluated, Yoshihide Otomo's rise, and Chicago Acoustics. A re-evaluation of the school, jazz as world music, and a predilection for jazz among the new Japanese generation, such as the Yoshida Yohei group...

While categorizing the current state of booming jazz, it also includes 100 disc catalogs, old and new, that you should listen to now.

The cover and cover story is Flying Lotus, whose long-awaited new release is rumored soon!

Editing: Masato Matsumura
Release date: 2014/9/30