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"ele-king vol.13" Tsutomu Noda + Masato Matsumura (edited)


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[All-out special feature]
SIMI LAB <Second Impact> Fuels the Future of Japanese Hip-Hop

In this issue, which was to decorate the first magazine cover, the full picture of them shrouded in mystery will be unraveled!!!!
・What Is Mind Over Matter? Transformation of Consciousness, The Whole Simi Lab - USOWA, RIKKI, JUMA, DJ ZAI, Hi'Spec
・Rhythms and Grooves from the Deep - OMSB Interview
・Love both you and your enemies MARIA's idea of Similabo ― Interview with MARIA
・Confessions of a diasporic rapper - DyyPRIDE interview
☆Hip-hop, society, and Similabo/Mikako Brady's study of Similabo
☆ MC YOSHIO*O's non-literary background/Interview with Yoshio Otani
☆ Talking about war, rap, and social "taboos" / Interview with Naruyoshi Kikuchi

■Second special feature: Music for Football / Ryuta Imafuku's praise of Brazilian soccer / Mikako Brady's World Cup roundtable discussion / Hitoshi Kurimoto's soccer column / Jihei Hatakeyama x Tsutomu Noda talk to the future of ambient football / Disc Environmental sound (ambient sound) for the guide and the World Cup

■ART&ACCTRESS: Special discussion
Descend the celebrities "Naohiro Ukawa x Rinko Kikuchi"

Introductory dialogue: Panorama emerges from parallax
Mitsufumi Shimotsu (Dancing Country) x Mahitu the People (Shimoyama)

■ Interview & photo story
Mitsume Whispering impulse Mitsume's story on a winter day

■Popular series
Ryo Isobe “Music and Politics”
Brady Mikako "Anarchism in the UK Gaiden"
Shin Niki "Futaki Journal"
tomad "catch and release"
Junko Kaneda "Review V2 that looks the strongest with light and darkness"
Seiichi Yamamoto “Heisei Napoleon News”
Harumi Yamazaki "Life Counseling Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Serialized manga “Tsuchika Nishimura/Today’s pigeon fortune”
Serialized neo-graphism “Okuboryu”

Release date: 2014/3/20