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ECD『Shitten in the park』2LP


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ECD『Shitten in the park』2LP

Format: 2LP
Price: 5,400 yen + tax
Release Date:2022/05/25

★First LP
★First time completely limited production
★Spread jacket specification
★2LP set
★With serial number

After 19 years since its release, ECD's immortal masterpiece of the 2000s, "Shiten in the park", which was released independently in 2003, has been miraculously reissued in analog format! Under the supervision of their ally illicit tsuboi, the album will be pressed in a 2-disc set at 33 rpm, with a paper jacket that replicates the original CD, and will come with a serial number.

◆ The album "Lost Points in the Park" was produced entirely by ECD himself, who became completely independent after ending his contract with a major label. When the album was first released, the shocking content of the album, in which the real ECD expresses his emotions without any of the skills or gimmicks he had acquired up to that point, caused confusion and embarrassment among listeners. It has been 19 years since its original release in 2003, and now it is available in analog format.
◆ Under the supervision of our ally illicit tsuboi, all 8 songs were produced in a 2-disc set at 33 rpm to create a rumbling sound that further amplifies the image of the work.
◆ Using a photo of a graffiti incident that occurred in a public restroom in a park in Suginami Ward in 2003, the jacket, which was a big topic of conversation at the time of its release, has been reproduced in its original CD/paper jacket format.

ECD 2003's masterpiece album has finally been reissued on LP!
His major label contract was up, and all he could do was record on a PORTA ONE 4-track cassette MTR.
His style of rapping while strumming the Roland W-30 sampler keyboard is a true Hiphop version of the acoustic guitar storytelling style, and this is the album that made him say to himself and others, "It's impossible to surpass this" with the simplest and sharpest content ever.
Personally, I think this is an epoch-making album, and I thought it would be meaningless if I didn't release it in a proper format. So I decided to release it in a 2LP format without considering the recording time. This was ECD's dream, and it is very meaningful that it has come true in 2022.
This filled in the missing piece of ECD again.

---The Anticipation Illicit Tsuboi

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 2. EVILE EYE
    SIDE B:
  • 1. 迷子のセールスマン
  • 2. 1999
    SIDE C:
  • 1. Island
  • 2. DJは期待を裏切らない
    SIDE D:
  • 1. 貧者の行進 (大脱走Pt.2)
  • 2. Night WALKER