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David Sylvian 『ERR limited edition』


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David Sylvian 『ERR limited edition』Book

Price: ¥25,300 (with in tax) (tax excluded: ¥23,000)
Size:38 x 28 x 8 cm
Page number:216

★ Limited to 550 copies worldwide
★David SylvianAutographed by the person
★David SylvianWith Japanese translation of his comment

Grönland Records has released the latest photo essay book of "David Sylvian", a solitary musician who continues to explore the endless sound!
The label stock is already sold out, and a limited number of autographed special editions are included, as well as a Japanese translation of David Sylvian's comments, which is limited to domestic distribution items!

Whether it's a city or a desert, the wilderness sleeps 15 centimeters below American roads. And many photographers have taken the loneliness of the American road through the window of a car.But in the photos in this book, the forever lost median jaggy violence of 1 and 0 shatters the American legend as if it were a cracker.It can be said that it is a new aesthetic given by the emptiness of digital.
-Shinya Fujiwara