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HIJOKAIDAN『Zourokuno Kibyou』LP


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HIJOKAIDANZourokuno Kibyou』LP

Format: LP
Release data:2023/04/19

★Limited First Edition
★With obi

Released in 1982, H非常階段's first album is one of the most famous albums in Japanese indie music history. It is a historic work that made its existence known to the world as the pioneer of noise music and as a documentary recording of extreme live performances at a time when the noise music genre had not yet existed. The jacket features horror manga artist Hinohide Hino's "Kuraroku's Strange Disease," and extreme live photos are also included on the jacket and in the booklet. As a special bonus, an EP called "A Tribute To Icchie," which was sold in a limited edition of 14 copies only, has been added as a memorial edition for Akira Ichiguchi, aka Icchie, who passed away in 1984. This is the first reissue of this EP.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. マントヒヒ(大阪) April 26, 1981
  • 2. 磔磔(京都) April 19, 1981
  • 3. 創造道場(大阪) November 3rd, 1980
  • 4. 新宿ロフト(東京) August 28, 1981
    SIDE B:
  • 1. 慶応大学日吉315教室(神奈川) June 27, 1981
  • 2. 同志社大学至誠館24教室(京都) November 27, 1981
    SIDE C:
  • 1. A.A Tribute To Icchie
    SIDE D:
  • 1. B.A Tribute To Icchie