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Aburadako『ADK T-shirt + sticker set』

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List price: 3,800 yen + tax
Release date: mid-February 2022


Since its formation in 1983, Aburadako is a rare band that has traversed the territory where there are no predecessors or followers.
T-shirts using the earliest 12-inch "Aburadako" jacket, which is especially symbolic in that long career, and the "ADK" and "ADK LIVE" jackets based on it are now on sale as a complete build-to-order product!
With a jacket pattern sticker!

A compilation that covers all the flexi discs and 12-inch songs released by Aburadako from ADK before the 1st album (1985), and all the songs that participated in the Tokuma Japan compilation.Despite the straightforward punk / hardcore sound that can't be imagined from the subsequent Aburadako, Hirotomo's unique sense of language and sense of humor is fully demonstrated, and there is already a foreign existence that does not resemble any other band. There is a feeling.

● Color: White
● Size: S, M, L, XL
● Body: GILDAN 2000 6.0oz Ultra Cotton Heavy Weight T

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Length 71cm 74cm 76cm 79cm
Width 46cm 51cm 56cm 61cm
Sleeve Length 18cm 19cm 20cm 21cm