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yeule 『Glitch Princess』CD


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yeule 『Glitch Princess』CD

Format: CD
Price: 2,000 yen + tax
Release Date:2022/02/04

With bonus tracks
★First time limited production

Yeule, a Singapore-born, London-based project by Nat Cmie, has released its second album! Born out of an online experience, this genius has created a pop chaos world based on the theme of "error messages" and "broken computer codes". An improbable error opens the door to a new art form.

Yeule is an artist who expresses not only music, but also visual art, acting, and dance in a single worldview.Recently, he collaborated with Danny L Harle on a new 4 hour and 44 minute song called "The Things They Did ForMe Out Of Love", and has been more active than ever, posting an album of 12 covers only on YouTube, including Frank Ocean, Big Thief, Grimes, The Velvet Underground and more.

Their sophomore album, "Glitch Princess," will be released on February 4, 2012, and will feature a wide range of genres, including dream pop, shoegaze, ambient, and an emotional indie pop song, "Dont Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty," featuring acoustic guitar, while focusing on yeule's mysterious electro sound. Hard on Your Own Beauty". And all of it is yeule world at its best.

The fifth track, "Perfect Blue," features a guest appearance by Tohji, and the two singers' emotional vocals intertwine in a melancholic electronic world to create a song that Japanese fans will love.

■Track list

  • 1. My Name is Nat Cmiel
  • 2. Electric
  • 3. Flowers are Dead
  • 4. Eyes
  • 5. Perfect Blue feat. Tohji
  • 6. Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty
  • 7. Fragments
  • 8. Too Dead Inside
  • 9. Bites on My Neck
  • 10. I <3 U
  • 11. Friendly Machine
  • 12. Mandy
  • 13. Fragments (Instrumental)*bonus track
  • 14. Electric (Instrumental)*bonus track
  • 15. I <3 U (Instrumental)*bonus track
  • 16. Too Dead Inside (Instrumental)*bonus track
  • 17. Bites on My Neck (Instrumental)*bonus track
  • 18. Friendly Machine (Instrumental)*bonus track